Juicing the healthy way

Home Healthy Remedies with Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

These remedies can be used at home, they are tasty and also very good for you and your health compared to all the other medical drugs we need to take in just to dull something as simple as a headache or some heartburn.

Don’t fear the herbal solution is here. this can help you even on the worst of days. All it takes is a few healthy and natural ingredients to help you cure whatever the problem at the moment is.

For centuries the practise of juicing has been used to aid in health problems. Before we begin explaining them, we need to keep a few worthy tips in mind.

·   Get a good night’s sleep

·   Stay hydrated

·   Exercise to help sharpen thinking

·   Meditate to clear thinking and Relax

Blow Is a few helpful juices for those days that lack a certain Vitamin or antioxidant.


Who doesn’t wish they can look young forever? If you are putting pure unprocessed food in your body, it requires less energy to digest it, and it gives you maximum nutrition. As we have seen with studies, the most important thing contributing to us looking older is oxidation. Cells are being damaged by free radicals. The one thing that help fight that off is antioxidants and is also protects us from these free radicals. Antioxidants are found in all fruit and vegetables. They are higher in berries and bright colored produce.

Here is a recipe for some perfect antioxidants to fight off the aging.

·         1 cup of blackberries

·         2 spears of pineapple

·         ½ Cup of blueberries

  •         3 Sprigs of parsley 


Support your body and strengthen your immune system with good nutrition. Never the less if you already have the common cold the we have 3 words for you. Garlic…Garlic! GARLICCC!!! With all the antibacterial properties in fresh garlic, no cold will be able to survive in your body.

Some good fruits to juice:

(Lemon, citrus, carrots, pineapple)- For Coughs

Herbs to add to the tea or juice:

(Asparagus, cayenne pepper, elderberries, **garlic**, ginger, liquorice and peppermint.)

Last but not least…The perfect recipe

Recipe #1

·         2 Oranges

·         1 Grapefruit

·         1 Lime

·         ½ Cup of cranberries

Recipe #2 (Vegetable based with garlic)

·         3 Carrots

·         6 Spinach leaves

·         1 Garlic clove

·         Half of a lemon

·         Pinch of cayenne

Recipe #3 (Green based with pineapple)

·         ½ Pineapple (good for coughing)

·         ½ Head romaine lettuce (to alkalize)


Aloe is fantastic for heartburn. Try adding some aloe Vera juice to your juice as well to get rid of that nasty burning sensation in the chest.

Fruits and veggies to juice:

(Bananas, papaya, beets, *cabbage*, carrots, celery, cucumbers, parsnips)


Calendula, cardamom, German chamomile, *dandelion root, pill, fennel, ginger, liquorice, **marshmallow root, parsley, **slippery elm powder, aloe

*- Antacid herbs

**- Soothing herbs


·         1 Banana

·         ½ Cup papaya

·         ½ Cup cabbage

·         Dandelion root


Insomnia is a word many people are familiar with. Many people suffer with this inability to sleep. It can be caused by various factors like: low blood sugar, heat or cold, anxiety, depression, or caffeine.

Food that is high in calcium, magnesium and B vitamins supply nutrients to the nerves, allowing for restful sleep. Most people who have sleep problems often seem to be deficient in these nutrients.

Fruits and Veg for insomnia:

(Apples, bananas, lettuce, leafy greens.)


Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower, skullcap, St. Johns wart, valerian, wild lettuce.


Good recipes to try…

·         4 Spinach leaves

·         2 Kale leaves

·         1 Beet

·         2 Stalks of celery

·         1 Apple


·         3 Apples

·         3 Stalks of celery

Apples and celery make a great calming night drink. Added to that we have found that lavender, chamomile, or valerian herbs work well.


Making a juice helps give some people relief, in almost evert instance rest is needed though. Headaches can be very uncomfortable and painful. It can also be caused by numerous things like muscular & nervous tension, eye strain, sinuses and postures.

Fruits and Veg that are good:

(Apples, bananas, broccoli, leafy greens and water cress.)


Cayenne pepper, evening primrose oil, German chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, *rosemary, *skullcap(Nerve related headache), thyme, valerian (nerve or stress related headache), vervain.

Note: Meadowsweet and willow herbal mixes are natural aspirins that you may wants to have on hand for temporarily receiving pain from headaches.

A nice recipe

·         3 Sprigs of parsley

·         1 Handful of spinach leaves

·         1 Handful of watercress

·         1 Apple