5 Foods to Control Cravings

Diva - 20 Jul 22

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There is something that can ruin even the best diet plan and that is Cravings. This comes hard especially for beginners or people who are not used to following a particular healthy diet.

 Let’s face it – that new diet was going great until the cravings got the upper-hand.

These “need for feed” feelings storm in and they have us stuffing our faces with chocolate, ice cream, and pizza. Making you wish there were foods to control cravings… But what if there were foods that helped control your cravings? Well, there are. Let’s have a look at 5 foods that help control cravings that NEED to be included in every diet:

  1. Apples – 
An apple a day keeps more than just the doctor away. Apples are rich in fibre which fills the stomach and controls the food craving for a long time. Apples take more time and energy to eat, and they are anti-inflammatory which helps lose weight!

  1. Vegetables – 
Green vegetables are jam-packed with nutrients. You can have leafy vegetables without the worry of putting on weight. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots are filling foods – and they control hunger and appetite. Plus they keep you healthy too!

  1. Bananas – 
Two bananas can control your hunger and keep you active. These energy booster fruits are healthy whilst controlling hunger and keeping you full for a long time. They provide energy to the body and the sugar content in banana controls hunger. Avoid having more than 2 bananas a day as they are high in calories.

  1. Dark Chocolate – 
Chocolate is one of the most common foods we reach for when we crave sweets. However, if you find yourself craving chocolate, make a healthier choice by choosing dark chocolate. Real dark chocolate is chocolate that contains 70% cocoa or more. It also contains healthy plant compounds known as polyphenols. Some studies have shown that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of these polyphenols can be good for your health. However, like regular chocolate, dark chocolate contains sugar and fat, so it’s best to limit yourself to a 1-3 squares to satisfy your craving.

  1. Nuts – 
Almonds and pine nuts are filled with proteins and are rich sources of fibre. They increase the production of appetite-controlling hormones CCK and GLP1. Almonds and pine nuts are low in calories, so they make a fantastic snack.

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