Are low fat foods a good option

Diva - 19 Apr 22

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Everyone knows that eating too much fat can be bad for you. So when you see the words "low fat", "no fat" or "99 per cent fat-free" on a product, it must be a healthy choice, right?

Not necessarily.
While it's true we need to be careful about how much and what sort of fat we eat, many low-fat foods are unhealthy in other ways – usually because of high amounts of added sugar or salt.
It's the processed low-fat foods that you need to be most careful about.

A lot of low-fat foods contain the same number of kilojoules – or even more – than their full-fat counterparts because of extra sugars added to make up for the loss of taste and poorer "mouth feel" created when the fat is removed.

Yoghurts are a good example. You may well be better off eating a dollop of full-fat plain yoghurt than a tub of a low-fat variety.

Read nutrition labels, this is so important!

Many processed breakfast cereals are also marketed as low in fat but similarly problematic because of added sugar and salt.
Eating foods high in salt is strongly linked to high blood pressure – a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.

So learning to read the nutrition labels on low-fat products is vital – indeed, on all processed foods.

The other problem with 'low-fat' processed foods, is that we tend to eat more of them.
"People feel virtuous. It's almost like it's a guilt-free food," But the kilojoules still add up.

For optimum nutrition, you should also aim to:
*Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables

*Eat wholegrains (such as dark 'seedy' breads, oatmeal, and brown rice)

*Focus on eating good fats (such as those in fish, olive oil, avocados, and nuts)

*Focus on eating high quality carbohydrates (such as those that are not highly processed and which are broken down slowly by the body. These include unrefined wholegrain breads and beans.)

*Lean protein such as chicken or turkey

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