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Diva - 18 Jan 22

CRYOTECHNOLOGY is the latest technology used in fat removal treatments through a system of controlled cooling. This revolutionary technology is based on a new neither invasive nor painful procedure that cools the treated area to reduce the localised fat cells in a smooth and natural manner. But does it actually Work?

Well, that depends on what you mean by "work." Will it sculpt your body and replace a healthy diet and regular exercise? Definitely not. Will it make you lose weight? Nope, it won't work like that either. What it will do, however, is reduce small amounts of fat in stubborn areas. "It does actually work, and there's science behind it,". 

"If you reduce the temperature of fat to a certain degree, cells go into what's called apoptosis, which means they kill themselves and your body digests its by-products. The magic of it is you're cooling down the skin to a temperature where it hurts the fat, but it doesn't hurt the skin, and that's why it works so well."

The real problem is it doesn't work for everybody. "The patient it works best for is someone with pinch-able, plump fat—basically, small amounts,"  Someone who has 2 kilograms of pinchable fat to remove in one area will have better success than someone who has an excess of, say, 5 kilograms And, like we mentioned, it's not a magic wand for an unhealthy lifestyle  and won't help you lose 120 kilograms. 

CoolSculpting is for that client who has a  maximised diet and exercise  regimen but still has some fat in areas that are considered resistant, like the love handles, an inner or outer thigh problem, or a little bit of excess fat on the lower belly. And despite the name, it's very difficult to actually sculpt with CoolSculpting—it works much better for spot treating.

If you've done your online digging, you might have heard that one downside of CoolSculpting is the possibility of uneven fat removal, and for the first time, maybe ever, the internet is right. 

This is one of the biggest risks of relying on a technology rather than on the human hand. Also, if the hand-piece is not placed appropriately, there can be ridging or an area of drop-off that shows the shape of the hand-piece where the fat was removed.

The other big rumor swirling around the internet is that your fat can actually come back. And while it's possible,  generally in all fat removal technologies, including liposuction, the results should last if you remain weight-stable.

Another side effect that's rare (but it can happen, so I'm going to tell you about it) is what's called lipohypertrophy, which is where there is a rebound of the fat growth, and it actually grows instead of shrinking. Not good, not fun, but also not common.

These are all side effects that can occur, and they're the ones we have seen.  A lot of it has to do with the manner in which the treatment is given. There is skill to applying the hand-piece. You have to make sure you don't do the same area within a three-month period, and the whole treatment has to be planned out appropriately by someone who's skilled at doing it. Because there are risks like the above mentioned and precautions that must be taken, and seemingly the risks are quite high - will be a valid enough reason why we don't use this type of technology in our centers.

Have you tried Fat freeze? Did it help you ?

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