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Diva - 30 Dec 21

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How to burn fat... that is the age old question. I want to lose weight, but not just that, I want to burn fat, burn the belly fat! This is a statement we hear very often from our clients. 

How can I burn Fat?

Every expert ever will tell you that crash diets dont work, are unhealthy, and offer at best a temporary fix since you may end up gaining back more than you initially lost once you fall off the wagon. This is the honest truth, constricting your body from beneficial nutrients is just putting your body in a deficit and at the end of the day you will be burning and losing muscle mass and not fat. 

But that doesnt mean losing weight has to be a slow, torturous process either. Yes, youll still have to eat fewer calories than what you burn, but nutrition and exercise researchers have uncovered some scientifically tested ways to make that easier and faster than ever. You can also view our meal plan website  to assist you with a healthy plan that can help you burn fat and put you right on track with your weight loss goals and stomach fat burning solutions. Our meal plans are specifically designed by a team of dieticians who take into account living circumstances and long term results. 

What can I do differently? 

Another key factor people do not take advantage of is drinking water. Water isnt just a calorie-free beverage, its also essential to the process of metabolising fat, known as hydrolysis. So its important to drink enough fluids every day—and youll need even more if youre overweight. A good rule of thumb is to drink a millilitre of water for every calorie you consume. Not into the metric system? If youre following a 2000-calorie diet, that comes to 2L. 

When youre cutting calories, it can be tough to make sure youre still getting enough of all the good stuff your body runs on. Nutrient deficiencies can stall or halt weight loss,” this is the sad truth. Your body holds onto fat reserves when you are moving into nutrient deficiency mode.  Most of the time people who do this will have low levels of vitamin D, for example, a nutrient that is critical to parathyroid hormone function—it helps with weight regulation. If youre not eating a well-balanced diet, a multivitamin can be a good way to bridge those nutritional gaps and make sure youre not missing anything that could impede weight loss or muscle building, such as calcium or iron.

Easy Daily recommendations to start trying  

Fiber—both soluble and insoluble kinds—tends to fill you up so you dont eat as much, and is prevalent in lower-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. Though not all of them, Lettuce does not have a ton of fiber” so you cant get by on salad alone. We recommend adding one cup of fruit or vegetables to every meal or snack to meet your quota. Still not sure what your meal plan requirements should be? Fill in the questionnaire on our meal plan website and purchase your recommended plan

How to calculate the formula for long term weight loss 

The prevailing formula for a long time going forward on how much fat youre going to burn is quite simple. It is calories in minus calories out, based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and exercise efforts. But with all the different biochemical reactions in the body, hormonal response, and endocrine function, there are an infinite number of factors that can affect how your body is storing and breaking down calories. 

At its core, burning fat comes down to the process of lipolysis—the breaking down of fat lipids. This happens in the mitochondria of the muscles, or the powerhouses of the cells, responsible for generating the energy our cells need to do their jobs. Exercise has been shown to improve mitochondria function, which then promotes fat breakdown, that is why we always explain to our clients when they are doing the Ultrasound liposuction treatment with us, the last step of the treatment (Lymphatic drainage) will act the same as when they go home and do some physical activity, since the muscles will be working it will help to push out the melted fat a lot easier and quicker. Plus, working out helps regulate pretty much all the hormones that optimise fat loss. What a plus! It is not compulsory for our clients to work out but we highly recommend it, it is certainly advisable for proper results and long term goals. This is the secret to burning fat. View our price list for Ultrasound liposuction here. 

My lifestyle is busy 

Have you been skipping the gym lately? No judgment: So you overdid it on gingerbread or banana loafs or grabbed too many fast-food meals after marathon shopping trips? No biggie—as long as you stay active in other ways. A lot of people skip workouts completely when the holidays get busy and promise theyll exercise in January. But its that much harder to motivate when youve skipped the gym for two-plus weeks. While you dont have to maintain your exact same exercise routine, keeping your body in motion will help you balance out the indulgences and start the year strong. Remember the goal is to burn the fat for the long-run. Not short term temporary fixes. That is why it is important to learn how you can burn that stomach fat or other annoying areas you have that are just a bit resistant to exercise, this is going to be a hand in hand deal. You need to eat well, and if you have a bad day you can make up for it in the gym - this will be the key to maintaining that beautiful body that you will reach when you start living your life on the right track. 

Why is the extra calories accumulating on my stomach?

If you feel like any extra calories you eat go straight to your belly or thighs, you're not imagining things. Those are usually the areas where you store fat because of your genes, hormones, age, lifestyle, and other factors. Your body tends to hoard calories as fat to keep you alive and safe. The challenge is learning how to get rid of that extra fat. This can be the most problematic concern for most people as they do not know where to start or in which direction to move forward to successful burn the fat off. 

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