How do You know you have a Combination skin Or a Normal skin?

Diva - 11 May 22

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Know your skin type: -NORMAL SKIN- Regular, or "normal", skin is characterized by a healthy appearance, and a soft and smooth texture, which on the one hand doesn't suffer from dryness or, flaky areas, and on the other, doesn't suffer from increased oiliness, shine, enlarged pores, comedones, or acne either. -COMBINATION SKIN- The Characteristics of a Combination skin is true to its name: part oily and part regular or dry.

Normal skin


Normal skin is the result of balanced levels of fat, normal blood circulation, and good health. As a result, the skin doesn't suffer from dryness, or alternatively, from problems that are associated with an excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.


The challenge in caring for normal skin is treating it without damaging the equilibrium – not drying the skin in its cleansing process, and on the other hand – not using products that are too rich, which can cause it to become oily.

Products that are especially efficient are those which are rich in water, and contain components which encourage the preservation of the skin's moisture, and prevent the evaporation of water from the skin, for example hyaluronic acid – which binds with water and provides the skin with moisture, volume, softness, and elasticity; amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids, urea, and more.

In addition, products that contain antioxidants, like vitamin C, will help fight the free radicals which damage the skin, and delay its ageing.

Combination Skin

The skin of T-zone – the forehead, the nose, and the chin – is oily, and in addition, pimples occasionally appear on it. 

However, the skin in the other parts of the face – mostly in the area of the cheeks, the mouth, and around the eyes – is normal, and can sometimes even be a bit dry.


The T-zone – the forehead, the nose, and the chin – characteristically have more sebaceous glands, in comparison to the other areas of the face. Therefore, when the glands are over-active, and produce a large amount of fat (sebum), this area will look oily and shiny, and comedones and/or pimples may occasionally appear on it. 

On the other hand, the skin in the other areas of the face, where there are fewer sebaceous glands, remains normal or even dry. This skin type is the most common.


Hence, the treatment of combination skin involves treatment for both skin types, and is aimed at balancing the skin and providing each area with a treatment that is specified for its needs: the treatment of the T-zone is designated to balance and regulate the sebaceous glands' activity, to prevent the formation of inflammatory centers, to shrink the dilated pores, to cure the skin and accelerate its rejuvenation. 

On the other hand, in the other areas of the skin, the attention is focused on moisturizing the skin and preserving the moisture, in order to prevent the dehydration and accelerated aging of the skin.

First and foremost, it is important to gently clean the skin with products that will preserve the balance of the fat levels, and to make sure to moisten it with a rich moisturizer, which will provide protection and preserve its elasticity and softness.

The oily areas require particularly thorough cleansing, and if the skin of the T-zone is prone to comedones and pimples, the recommended products are those that are based on soothing plant extracts, with antiseptic and healing qualities, such as eucalyptus, clove, mint and chamomile, hamamelis, arnica, calamine, allantoin, and camphor. 

Alongside those, products which contain alpha and beta-hydroxy acids will help balance the sebaceous glands, and will also gently remove the dead skin cells which block the pores, thereby allowing an effective drainage of fat.

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