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Diva - 29 Dec 21

The body assessment for weight loss and cellulite treatment or area contouring on specific problematic areas is important before starting a treatment plan. When we do an assessment we are considering the health history and main reasons for you to have gained weight. We will examine your weight history, weight-loss campaigns, workout habits, eating patterns, what different considerations you've taken, medications, stress levels and different issues about your health. We may also ask questions about the family's health history to see if you may be predisposed to specific circumstances.

Why is the Assessment / weight loss consultation important? 

The body assessment is so important because it helps us understand how much weight you have gained over time or what your particular concern might be. 

Do you feel like you look like an Atlas? But instead of holding the weight of the earth on your shoulders, It is actually the weight of the work stress weighing on you. This could be one simple example for gaining weight. Stress plays a big factor as well as your eating and sleeping habits. 

There was a survey, involving more than 12, 000 people tracked at around 32 years of age, and it was discovered that social networks play a surprisingly strong role in defining the individual's chances of gaining weight, Transmitting the increased probability of gaining weight and to others, increasing the likelihood of becoming obese. 

This is yet another reason why it is important to come in for the weight loss assessment, there are various reasons and causes that we need to look at and discuss to be able to give you the most comprehensive consultation to establish what treatment course will help you reach your desired goals.

What happens during the assessment?

We look at your personal criteria Why find out what is the main cause for your weight gain and what changed in your habitsWe will ask you questions that we need honest answers to such as What your eating habits are like, do you eat healthy to help you lose weight and have you changed anything or what exactly is your current day to day go to.Our goal is to provide you with a complete picture of what needs to change in order for you to lose those stubborn kilograms.We will weigh you and take down your measurements for future use, should you start your weight loss journey with us. We will physically assess your problematic areas and give you a detailed plan of action that we need to follow to help you  get where you want to be.

What questions we get during the consultation

We often get asked: "Will I gain the weight back" - the answer is simple. Yes, IF you do not follow our advise. If you go back to bad habits and you do not follow a healthy lifestyle then of course the chances are that you might gain weight again. The key to success here after our Ultrasound liposuction treatment is for you to follow a healthy lifestyle to be able to maintain your results. 

We get asked : "How can I lose weight fast, will this treatment help?" This is a very frustrating question for us, from one aspect you need to remember that it did take you a while to accumulate this weight, so it might take a while to get rid of it. Another important thing is the fact that our treatment is non surgical and done once a week for optimal results. This ensures for a long term success rate of keeping your weight off. Your whole mindset will change as you learn what to do and what to avoid and which positive changes to make at the end of the day. 

Is there a difference between our services and anyone out there who owns a slimming place?

We get asked :"What makes this treatment so different, there is lazer lipo, cavitation and fat freeze places I have visited, how do I know I will see results with this Ultrasound liposuction?" Here is where we are quite confident and where our pride for our work shines through. What sets this treatment aside from all the other places out there, is the fact that we provide real results from real people. We are the only establishment that can show you videos, pictures and even live streams of our clients who undergo the weight loss treatment and who are willing to share their journey and success story with the rest of the world to inspire likeminded people who also have a problem that they would like to address. We do not have pictures or material that is taken off of the internet to prove the treatment works, we have Real results to show that is all taken in our premises. 

Do you have a guarantee? 

One thing that we are truly certain about, is the fact that our treatment WORKS. If you follow our recommendations, you can lose weight and you can do it successfully. Without having to google "Weight loss diets that work" or "how to burn fat at home" or our favourite "How can I lose weight" 

The only reason why we do not guarantee the results when you come in, is because we do not go home with you. We can not see what you are doing at home and what you are eating. Without this vital information it will be difficult to say 100% guaranteed weight loss results. But we can say for a fact that what we do here Does work, we have been in this industry for 12 years and we have proven results from our clients. 

When you are ready to lose weight, contact us to schedule your Body assessment. From there we will walk the path with you to get that beautiful beach body back on track! Our motto is "Reveal your inner Diva" and that is what we strive to do at Diva Slimming and Aesthetics. 

With compassion and dedication, anything is possible if you put your mind to it! 

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