How to get through the first week of your diet

Diva - 09 Feb 22

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We Get it! Starting a diet is daunting and frustration upon frustration. That is why we do not believe in diets! We do however believe in eating healthy. Eating healthy is not ordinary in most households. But sticking to your plan especially the first week can be a little bit intimidating. Continue reading our blog below on how to get through the first week!

Getting motivated to finally start down the path eating healthy can be hard - because you know what it means, "giving up so many of the good things you love so much". But that is not entirely true. After-all, the point of starting healthy habits is to help you change your lifestyle for the long run.

So, what do we do? We procrastinate, of course.  This is the honest truth for most people who want to lose weight and need to think of following a particular diet and That would explain why it takes the average person three weeks in January to get started on their New Year's diet.

All we have to say is well done for you if you were able to get started without procrastinating . That is the first step and we know the first week can be really difficult. 

This is the time when  you are transitioning from the old ways of eating to the new ways of eating. Change is always difficult but if you keep an open mind it can be bearable and fun at the same time! 

So what happens then? All of a sudden you're not eating bread, or chips, or cookies, or pizza, candy bars,  pancakes, or donuts. If your body is  used to having these things so the main concern is you are going to have to deal with some of those cravings, and the BIG one here...overcome them.

It is of crucial importance that  your eating plan is structured in such a way that you aren't feeling hungry all the time. We recommend eating 4 -5 small meals a day.  It's one thing to feel a little hungry - you can overcome that mentally. But, if  you just feel like you are starving, there will be a tendency not only to overeat, but to eat things that are not  conductive to your ability to reach your goal which in this regard is losing weight.

During the first week, it is important to get into your new eating routine. As a start, eating five times a day - at specific times - 5am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm, and 6pm. These meal times essentially breaks it down into three 'meals' and two snacks.

Another important thing, when you start your diet, is to make sure  all temptations are out of the house - from ice cream and cookies to Doritos and anything else that is going to be counter-productive. This will really help you stay on the right path to get through that first week. 

Don't trust yourself to be able to resist the temptation. Most likely you can't. That's why you had to go on a diet in the first place. Just remove that temptation altogether.

Don't let your mind wander to thoughts of how long you're going to have to be on your diet, and don't fantasise about the big, fat juicy hamburger with chips and a vanilla shake that you would really like to have. Control your mind. Don't let it control you. 

Think about your weight loss goal, why you are doing this in the first place, and how good you are going to look and feel when it's all over with.

Staying on track the first week is the hardest, but after that it is so much easier and doable. Stick to your goals and you will reach the peaks you want to achieve. 

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