How to lose belly fat after pregnancy

Diva - 19 May 22

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Most women gain between 10 and 25 kilograms during their pregnancy. We know Losing this weight after delivering the baby is not that easy and losing the belly fat can seem like climbing mount Everest. There are quite a few things that you can do to help you get your pre-pregnancy body back. Losing belly fat in general is a difficult obstacle now add pregnancy to the list. Let's dive into the things you can do to help you lose belly fat after pregnancy.

Losing stomach fat after pregnancy

We know the frustration. You can Imagine your stomach is like a balloon, it is slowly inflating as your baby grows in your tummy but giving birth does not pop the balloon, it just causes something like a slow leak. The decrease that you will see in your tummy size might be slow, but it will be steady.

And as it goes, from the moment your baby is born, there are hormonal changes that cause your tummy to decrease in size. However, it takes another six to eight weeks for your womb (uterus) to contract to its pre-pregnancy size.

There is research that shows when women start to exercise right after giving birth, it can be beneficial for their overall health but it also reduces the risk of postpartum depression. 
As each person and every pregnancy and delivery is different from one another, it is important to check in with your doctor before you take up any physical exercise plan. If you happen to experience any kind of discomfort during your physical activities or you might be experiencing heavy bleeding, then consult your doctor immediately.

You can start by doing some light exercise. Walking 30 - 45 minutes a day is a great start. Walking might not sound like much of a workout, especially for the belly fat but it is one of the simplest ways to incorporate a fitness routine after giving birth and it has been proven one of the best cardio exercises which in turn will help you burn excess fat in areas where it has accumulated like the abdominal area. You can start small by taking a stroll. 

Speed up your walk slowly as you go along. You can even bring the baby along in a front bag or a stroller, but the front bag will add extra weight and increase the benefits of this simple physical activity. If you are not used to being physically active or exercising all the time then you have to option to put on some music and dance. It can be a fun workout where you can also involve your baby so that it is a happy time for the both of you.

Another thing you can incorporate into your daily routine is deep belly breathing with abdominal contractions. There are plenty of yogis out there doing these exercises. The exercise itself helps you to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles and stomach. You can start by sitting upright and breathing in air from deep within the diaphragm upward. You will Contract and hold your abs tight while you are inhaling and then you can relax while exhaling. Slowly increase the number of times you can hold your abs.

Next up on the agenda, eating healthily. 

  • You have to Make time for breakfast.
  • You need to Eat at least five portions of food a day, and these meals should be balanced with vegetables, fruit and protein.
  • Include plenty of fibre-rich foods, such as oats, beans, lentils, grains and seeds, in your diet.
  • Avoid high-fat and high-sugar foods, such as biscuits, cakes, fast food and takeaways.
  • Watch your portions at mealtimes and the number and type of snacks you eat between meals.
A good tip: 

Do some Head Lifts, Shoulder Lifts, and Curl-Ups

Why are they good for you? These three movements will help to strengthen your back muscles. They are also helping you to tone the tummy and abs while you burn calories.

How they need to be done:
  • Head lifts: You can Lie on your back with your arms next to the sides of your body. While you keep your lower back flush to the floor, bend your knees up with your feet flat on the floor.  Now, Relax your belly as you inhale. As you exhale, slowly lift your head and neck off the floor. Inhale as you lower your head back down.
  • Shoulder lifts: When you are able to and can do 10 head lifts with ease, try this next movement. Get into the same position you did for the head lifts. Inhale and relax your belly. As you exhale, raise your head and your shoulders up off the floor, and reach your arms and hands toward your knees.
    If this strains your neck at all, fold both hands behind your head, but do not pull on your neck. Inhale as you lower your head and shoulders back down.
  • Curl-ups: When you are able to do 10 shoulder lifts without discomfort then you can move on to the next one. Start in the same position on the floor. Lift your torso until it's about halfway between your knees and the floor behind you. Reach toward your knees and hold that position for 2 to 5 seconds. Then, slowly lower yourself down.
Don't forget to breathe. Exhale when you exert. Inhale when you relax

Here are some more great tummy tightening exercises that you might want to try:

  • Forearm plank. Lie down with your forearms on the floor. Rise up onto your toes. Suck in your belly. Tighten your buttocks. Hold for 20 and build up as you get stronger.
  • Reverse crunch. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Using your abs, bring your knees toward your chest. Hold for 2 counts and repeat 10 times.
  • Scissor kicks. Lie on your back with your legs straight. Lift both legs off the floor and then scissor your legs by lowering and lifting them alternately. Do 15 to 20 repetitions.

You’re eating healthily, exercising, working your abs… and your belly is still there. What now?

Now you can lose belly fat after pregnancy with our advanced ultrasound liposuction. 
When it comes to getting thinner and losing weight, the first body part that people focus on is reducing their tummy. Understandably this makes sense as it is very noticeable and stores large quantities of fat, and in the majority of cases that Diva Slimming & Aesthetics treat, our client has expressed this as an area of concern, particularly after a pregnancy. This is where Ultrasound Liposuction can help you. Losing belly fat is no longer an issue. Our ultrasound liposuction treatments simply melt the fat away. We recommend you wait 2 months post-c-section before doing the non-surgical abdominal reduction but bear in mind the above will need to be followed in conjunction with the treatment for optimal results. 

Conventional surgical liposuction removes fat from your body, leaving behind excess & wrinkly skin. Diva Slimming & Aesthetics ultrasound liposuction treatments use the latest technology to break down fat deposits and stimulate the growth of collagen. Our treatments will not only help you lose belly fat with ultrasound liposuction but, it will enhance the overall contours of your stomach! We do recommend coming in as soon as you are able to after giving birth, when the stomach fat is still soft it is much easier to break down and melt which means it will be easier for you to get rid of the abdominal fat easier and quicker. 

What you as a client should keep in mind when coming for your treatments: It is important to the treatment should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy meal plan and we do recommend some form of exercise although it is not compulsory it will definitely add to your results. This will help you to maximise and maintain results. Following all of our advice can have your pre-pregnancy body back in no time!
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