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Diva - 24 May 22

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This is the remarkable story of Rose that has lost 30kg with our liposuction treatment. Her whole journey, before and after liposuction treatment and how it has changed her life.

Rose came to us as someone who needed to find her confidence in herself again. She told us her intimate story regarding her weight and how she got to the space she was in. She has struggled with her weight all her life, starting at an early age in school already.  She told us through primary school she was big and growing up next to her siblings, her two sisters were always smaller than her but they were her older siblings so it just did not sit right with her and the family. She was teased, bullied and always looked down on regarding her weight. 

By the time Rose was ready to attend varsity, things have gotten so bad that she felt comforted by food and she basically ate her pain away. Her turning point was when she had to look inward and deal with something very close to home and personal. Her father fell very ill and he suffered with diabetes. As her father was in and out of hospital, she could see the struggle he was facing and that is when she made a conscious decision to change her life after he sat her down and had a serious conversation with her. 

Her father had told her that her weight had spiralled out of control and that she kept getting bigger and bigger, this was a hard fact for her that she had to stare in the face since she would keep gaining weight and getting bigger as each year passed by. Her father was her number one cheerleader but at that moment he wanted her to understand that if she carried on like that she would have to bare the consequences in the future and it will be dire. The point came across quite clear that she did not want to end up in and out of hospital like her father was and that she had the time now to sort her life out and make the right choices. 

That is when Rose saw the Instagram post from Diva That lead her to us. Only a few short weeks later she had already lost an incredible amount of weight and when asked how she felt she told us "I feel lighter, I have more energy and I'm just never tired." We asked her if she can explain to us if there is anything she finds difficult about our meal plans that are assisting her in her weight loss journey to which she said : "Not at all, I am enjoying the food. It is just the preparation sometimes, I get lazy but you know it is all healthy and clean eating so it takes a bit of dedication and that is all the motivation you need" She has also told us that her life has changed completely. Going from 102.9kg to 75Kg is life altering. 

Rose's journey before and after liposuction has been an inspiration to thousands of people wanting to change their life, wanting to find the dedication but lacking the structure to do so. We aim and strive to help our clients see their before and after pictures to go "I am never going back to that" clean out the wardrobe with clothing that are three sizes too big for them, that is our passion at Diva Slimming and Aesthetics. We want people to be happy as they transform themselves to a more healthy, more comfortable person.

Below is Rose and her pictures before and after liposuction.
No photo description available. after a few weeks on our program 
We started seeing some good changes on her abdominal area. 
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The Glow this lady has! It starting coming back and she started to look happier. 
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Before and after liposuction
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The journey seemed long, but the goal was not far away. 
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Nevermind wearing shorts! She managed to look like a supermodel in swimwear!
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Before and After Liposuction 

Isn't she lovely? Almost 30 kgs loss for Rose. Do you want to change your lifestyle? Do you want to regain your confidence?
Book your appointment with Diva Slimming Center and you also can shine on the beach!

Here was the feedback we got from Rose in her own words. 
No photo description available.No photo description available.

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